Things I’ve learned whilsttryingto create and maintain a garden:

  • IT’S HARD – (i.e. it takes a lot of time and patience and it helps if you know what you are doing.)

That’s pretty much it. If you’re serious about starting a garden, you shouldn’t expect it to do everything on it’s own. It takes a lot of work. I think I underestimated all that goes into having a garden because I was just looking forward to reaping the sweet sweet benefits.

That being said, I love having a compost pile (still) because it still cuts way down on waste, not to mention the cost of trashbags, etc.

Getting some outsider help on the garden, so I’m going to try to salvage it. So far we’ve lost the spinach, tomatoes, and some squash.


Oh, hi…

Long time, no write. Sorry about that….

Unfortunately, the garden isn’t going so well. You know how I said we were going to have to plant our seedlings soon or they’ll DIE? Yeah… we planted but our efforts were futile because the sun proved to be too strong for the young seedlings.

We lost spinach, lettuce, cucumber… pretty much everything that was spoken of before. But! We  are going to try again with bell pepper (all of the colors, in case you were wondering), tomatoe, an abundance of squash(es) and many, many more! So, stay tuned for that.

Will try to keep up better with the garden situation.

Good news: compost pile is flourishing. The only thing we can grow right now with the compost seems to be MOLD, and a lot of it. I’m talking…. sci-fi style mold. Pictures have been taken and will be up soon.


Empty nest syndrome?

Does that apply here?

My little seedlings are growing up so fast! Pretty soon they will move out on the house and be living on their own, out in the real world. I hope they don’t start doing drugs and mixing with other seedlings.

My point is that pretty soon aka tomorrow-ish we are going to have to move the pans full o’ vegetable sprouts to the garden! It really is exciting. And I really do feel like a parent whose child is graduating and leaving home.

I have a feeling that they know how to survive on their own, but I’m still going to be hovering over them like a helicopter, asking them if they need more water, if they know how to grow and keep ‘pillars away (Caterpillars, that is), etc. That’s right…. I’m one of those “gardners.”

Soap boxes are the best kind of boxes…

I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking “This girl is about to try to tell me how to live my life! You don’t know my life, girl!” probably.

Well, you’re right. That’s exactly what I am gonna do.

I’m writing this story for school about food waste in America and I’ve decided to get a scale and weigh how much food goes into our compost bucket every week to see how well we’re doing at decreasing our household impact of wasted food. About 96 billion lbs of food is wasted by Americans per year. Do you know how many compost piles that much food would fill up!? At least 20.

Not to mention that, according to some news, the food that is wasted every year equals to about 350 million barrels of oil of energy! Precious, precious energy.

So, next time you go to throw away that half-eaten pound cake that you instantly regretted shoveling into your mouth in the first place (I say this from experience… pound cakes make me become a rabid animal), think about where you could put it instead!

Since I’ve never been one for preaching to people, I’ll leave you to think about these facts that I just threw at you.

“Burr.”- seeds

It was a good idea to keep the little seedlings inside to start! Tonight Russellville (Ark.) calls for snow and perhaps some ice. Supposedly, the spinach can survive during really extreme and harsh weather changes. Must be all that muscle that is has… you know, like Popeye.


Thing have been really slow on the recycling/compost front. Once a sort of  routine of dumping leftover food and drinks into the c-bucket, throwing napkins into the recycle tub, fishing roommate’s McDonald’s cups and bags and other leftover restaurant containers out of trash and putting into recycle tub, writing passive-aggressive note and leaving it somewhere conspicuous enough that they’ll most definitely see it but maybe wonder whom it’s from is formed, things become really easy and consistent.


Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Lettuce

Green Bell Pepper

What the?

It’s Alive…

We have seeds!

First came lettuce (aka musclun), then brocolli, brussels sprouts, and spinach followed suit. I must say that walking by and accidentally seeing the beginnings of plants sprouting out of soil really makes for a good day.

The soil in the pans looks like that movie Tremors where the ground bulges up and cracks where the monsters are moving. So now I am just picturing tiny Tremors monsters going underneath my plants!!

We have been watering the seeds every two to three days, obviously it is working.

So, I checked more into the broccoli worm situation (aka I asked my grandpa who is a former forester so he is basically an expert in the field of everything) and the broccoli worms are just going to be there and you might as well get used to the idea. Then, when you cook the broccoli, the worms escape and die and it doesn’t matter anymore because your broccoli has been sterilized by boiling water or extremely hot water vapor (ya know, like steam) and there’s no way of stopping it. I said, “even though the pans and soil are inside the house?” and he (grandpa.. aka Poppa) said, “…yes… even then…………” with a look of ‘I don’t know’ in his eyes.

Secret garden

I just realized that our garden is actually a self-composting garden! As in, we covered the really good soil bottom layer with a thicker layer of leaves to seal in heat, and all the little sprouts of grass and weeds are going to decompose under the leaves and OMG rich soil is left underneath it all like “Hey, been waiting for you to notice me.”

Right now this is the only thing growing in the garden:

And this is what the underneath part looks like (not as close up but good enough)

(That hand is touching the good soil.)

I would also like to mention, because I haven’t already, that our household is a huge advocate of recycling! I’ve never actually been into the idea (well, I’ve been into it, just never acted upon it) but turns out a lot of money can be saved. Where we used to purchase new garbage bags every other week, we now buy them maybe once a month. I think people on Twitter refer to this as “#ballinonadime” ? I’m never down with what’s “trending.”